About our kindergarten

Our private preschool daycare center is a common type of kindergarten for children from ages 2 to 6. Kindergarten Želvičky is located on the ground floor of a newly renovated building with a large courtyard and a beautiful garden. The kindergarten offers modern and original toys and equipment, and it is approved by all service safety organizations in accordance with demanding standards, which reflect the needs of pre-school children.


Kindergarten Želvičky is a great choice, because we offer:

  • safe, stimulating and educational environment. All toys and equipment are ready for creating, playing, exploration, and overall development of your children.
  • friendly opening hours: 7:00 – 16,30 all week. The regular opening hours can in some cases be adjusted (within limits) to accomodate for individual needs of our clients.
  • flexible attendance schedules ranging from full-time daily attendance to regular one day or half day visits.
  • experienced and well-trained staff. We aim to provide excellent service and lay great foundations in your children. We use proven pedagogical methods with Montessori elements, and honor the philosophy of „to respect and be respected“.
  • besides the regular standard care and education, we also offer extended bilingual English-Czech education, daily canisteraphy and music and art classes.
  • a safe place to experience, explore, play, create, and develop all skills
  • focus on close cooperation with parents and families of our children. The mutual cooperation and frequent communication leads to the benefit of the upbringing of the children. We view parents and guardians as partners, and we look forward to any suggestions and insights to improve our care and services for your children.

We are here for you

Our kindergarten offers a pleasant experience and learning environment.
Thanks to a warm approach of all staff, your children will be happy, enthusiastic ans relaxed. Come to visit and experience this for yourself!

Our methodological plan for your child’s upbringing is designed to make them independent, creative and discover the world in a homely and safe environment.

Our kindergarten’s experienced staff approaches each child individually, supports their self-esteem, self-awareness, health, respects individual needs and feelings and teaches children to express themselves freely. Children are motivated and encouraged in a playful and friendly way, with mutual respect in all activities.

Why choose us

The motto for our future children is „A good start is the foundation of success.“

  • Safety always comes first
  • Kindergarten Želvičky offers perfect entry into life
  • It also supports the well-roundedness and uniqueness of each individual
  • We guarantee individual, friendly and professional approach
  • “Young turtles” are our heartbeat and passion
  • Despite being relatively new, we offer experienced teachers, high quality and great environment

How to apply

Call us or contact us by email, we are happy to answer any of your questions. Of course, we can arrange an appointment if you would prefer to ask in person, or we can answer by phone.

If you have the chance, stop by during our regular opening times for a cup of coffee and to see the kidnergarten in person. No text or photo can replace personal experience, and so you will get the best idea of how our kindergarten works.

If you have already selected our kindergarten Želvičky, there is nothing simpler than handing in the filled application form. You can fill it out on the spot or comfortably at home. Then send the form back by mail, e-mail or bring it in person.

After handing in the registration documents, you will be asked via an official email to pay the registration fee.

As you pay the non-refundable deposit for registration, you will be asked to sign the contract for the next month (and the registration deposit will automatically be deducted from the price of the first month tuition).

As soon as you pay the first month tuition, fill out and bring all the other compulsory documents and forms (such as a pediatrician report about medical condition of the child), your child can start attending. We look forward to having fun with all our future “young turtles”.

Prices and fees

Our kindergarten Zelvičky is a private institution (in the form of limited liabilities company) and therefore it does not receive any subsidies. The price includes tuition of the chosen schedule, snacks, drinks, children and operator insurance, hygiene and laundry, art materials, experimental pedagogy, canisteraphy, Montessori methodology and philosophy (to respect and be respected), didactic aids, classroom day program, photo and video documentation, small gifts for children, birthday celebrations, import and distribution of food, and qualified teachers service.

Price does not include lunch, special diet needs, nappies (if children are still in need), admission to cultural and educational events, and transporting children.

Full-day attendance (price per month)

Days per week Children < 3 years old Children > 3 years old
 5  10 780,- 9 680,-
 4  8 800,- 7 700,-
 3 7 150,- 6 050,-
 2 5 500,- 4 400,-
 1 4 400,- 3 300,-


Half-day attendance (price per month)

Days per week Children < 3 years old Children > 3 years old
 5  7 590,- 6 490,-
 4  6 490,- 5 390,-
 3 5 390,- 4 400,-
 2 4 290,- 3 300,-
 1 3 190,- 2 200,-


Where to find us


Modřická 212/84,


+420 777 948 226

Opening hours

Monday – Friday
7:00 – 17:00

Director and administration

Renata Antony
+420 777 948 226

We are always here for you, ask us anything

How to Register Your Kids? Call us or write